ac blowing ac

Blowing Agent AC-DC


  1. Non-flammable, non-polluting, non-toxic tasteless, non-corrosive
  2. Yellow powder
  3. High quality


Light yellow fine powder. It is one of the most widely used chemical foaming agents due to its non-toxic, odorless, self-extinguishing, relatively high decomposition temperature, and relatively large gas evolution properties, good dispersing in plastic and rubber.

  blowing agent ac  

Main Application:

It is well known as the most popular and effective chemical foaming agent for PVC,PS,PP,PE,TPR and rubber applications.

It is particularly applicable for compression molding of PE, commonly applied in hot-press big mold of EVA or compression molding of PVC, for compression molding or free style of rubber&plastic blends. It is widely used in low foaming PE or EVA, such as rigid sheet material and slippers, lining of luggage, etc.

  ac blowing ac