LDPE - 50


LDPE - 50 is a low density polyethylene made by a high pressure autoclave process without antioxidant. Grade adapted to the production of flexible parts with a high production rate.


caps, closures, lids, household items, master-batches.Information provided by advancePetrochemicals.


  ldpe   ldpe  
  ldpe   ldpe  
  Specific Gravity, ISO 1183
  Melt Flow, ISO 1133
  Hardness, Shore D, ISO 868, after 15 sec
  Tensile Strength at Break, ISO 527-2
  Tensile Strength, Yield, ISO 527-2
  Elongation at Break, ISO 527-2
  Modulus of Elasticity, ISO 527-2
  Melting Point, ISO 11357
  Vicat Softening Point, ISO 306
  Processing Temperature
  Mold Temperature