APC™ N330 Carbon Black


APC-N330 can be applied in all kind of tyres, seals,shock absorbers,rubber sheets, conveyor belts ets. APC-N330 is having high tensile strength tearing reisitance and good abrasion resistance.

  apc n-330  
  apc n-330  

Product Specifications:

Primary Analytical

  Test Properites:
Target Value
Recommended Specification
  Iodine Absorption Number, g/kg     82 76/88 D1510
  Oil Absorption No. [OAN] cm³ / 100g 102 96/108 D2414
  Tint Strength Secondary Physical 104 98/110 D3265
  Pour Density, lb/ft³ 23.5 22.0/25.0 D1513
  Fines Content, %                     - - -
  Stsa   75  
  Iodine absorption mg/kg    82  
  Nitrogen surface area    71-85